About Us

The Pasfield House is a destination for social and business travelers who wish to stay at a private luxury facility that provides personalized attention. Visitors who are interested in Springfield history, architectural style and interior design will especially want to experience the Pasfield House.

Proprietor Tony Leone Welcomes Visitors to the Historic Pasfield House

Since its complete renovation in 2002 the Pasfield House has hosted hundreds of private and public events and thousands of visitors. Purchasing the Pasfield House in 1996, Leone oversaw the home's rebirth in what the Springfield State Journal Register said set "a new standard from which all future restorations within the city will be measured."

Owner/proprietor Tony Leone is well-known in sate and local political circles serving 14 years as a Republican Caucus Clerk of the Illinois General Assembly. Recognized for political event planning and fundraising, Leone entered the hospitality business with panache, using the Pasfield House as a natural focal point for his efforts. He also renovated several former homes on the near west side of the State Capitol as temporary short-term residences for lobbyists and state legislators. One of those homes may soon join the Pasfield House on the national historic register.

Tony Leone has been recognized by the Illinois House by being appointed to the Advisory Board of the Illinois Capitol Historic Preservation Board and by the Illinois Governor as a trustee to the Illinois Historic Preservation Board.

Leone Presents Sangamon Cnty. Historical Society Program
Leone has worked with others to develop historical research projects which help promote local tourism. Articles about Springfield's past have been published through Leone's efforts, focusing on local history beyond Springfield's Abraham Lincoln.

Today, the Pasfield House builds on its reputation by offering gourmet cuisine, theme dinner parties as well as enjoyable cooking classes. Whether it's helping organize a celebrity press conference, raising funds for a worthwhile cause or executing a theme for a gala soiree, Tony Leone and staff use their experience to make sure every detail is executed successfully.

With his knowledge of local history, insider perspective of Illinois politics, experiences with the Pasfield House restoration and familiarity with entertaining, Leone is one of Springfield's most entertaining entrepreneurs.