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Policy on Charitable & Political Support

The Pasfield House was a Springfield Landmark when it was built in 1896 and the Pasfield family’s involvement to help develop this community is unquestionably significant. Owner Tony Leone has continued the tradition by opening the Pasfield House for charitable for benefits for the Springfield community. Leone prefers to host charitable events at the Pasfield House rather than provide accommodations or services that are reserved for gift certificates.

Leone believes in helping those less established causes that go toward ongoing administrative operations, whether they are a Katrina relief fundraiser for the Red Cross or raising the needed funds for a Springfield Overflow Shelter for the homeless. The Pasfield House is that perfect outdoor venue that brings in other community leaders and welcomes the community’s support.

When the Food Network Channel came to the Pasfield House to film a Throwdown with celebrity chef Bobby Flay episode, Leone quickly turned the high exposure event into a fundraiser to help a local breast cancer research project that was on going through SIU School of Medicine funded through the Memorial Center Foundation.

When the City of Springfield needed to funds to restore a historic map dating back to 1876 that depicted the original Pasfield estate, the Pasfield House threw an event to help raise the necessary funds. The same thing occurred when the Oak Ridge Cemetery needed funds to establish a memorial monument for civil war orphans in the care of the Home for the Friendless. The Home for the Friendless was organized by the Illinois General Assembly, naming the elder George Pasfield as president of the home.

No one can be there for every cause. As a businessman, Leone knows that it’s also good business to get people to visit the Pasfield House. Leone says he doesn’t do much media advertising. Instead, he directs those funds to charitable events at the Pasfield House, saying, “Once someone is here for the first time, they’ll want to come back and hold their own special celebration.” - especially if there is a historic Pasfield Family link to a cause that still exists today, Leone wants to celebrate that connection.