Inn Accommodations & Reservations

Special Multiple Night Packages

Group Packages and Frequent Guest Advantages

The Pasfield House puts together special packages for groups who book all of our suites. From time to time, we also put together packages for individuals and couples to participate in special weekend or weekday entertainment packages that include accommodations at the Pasfield House. Prices may vary, but one thing’s for sure: The time spent at the Pasfield House will be priceless, whether you’re being entertained among old friends or making new ones.

The Art of Cooking Retreat

A cooking retreat where guests will learn from a specialized chef preparing a particular cuisine or style of cooking. These events usually begin on a Friday afternoon and end Sunday evening with departure on Monday.

Girls' Getaway with Spa Treatment and Home Theater Film Nite

The Pasfield House will bring in a masseuse, manicurists, hair stylists and even provide tips in makeup for a girl’s getaway, whether it’s for a sophisticated bachelorette party or just for fun. We promise to prepare the food with diet in mind. The Pasfield House has selected a wonderful series of romantic videos for the group that gathers each night in the home theater.

Couples Romantic Getaway

We know of many couples who take many vacations together, enjoying not only the comradery of friends but also the companionship of their loved ones. The Pasfield House can set up that special package where comradery and closeness are king and queen. The guys may bring their golf clubs for some of Springfield’s premier golf courses while the ladies may wish to do a historic home tour or go looking for Lincoln. Each evening, the group will dine at the Pasfield House chef’s table and be thoroughly entertained by a local chef providing a demonstration, and with hands-on participation if that’s what you wish.

Springfield Museums Package

Proprietor Ton Leone is a former member of the Illinois State Museum board and has extensive relationships with local museum directors. He may be able to arrange a behind-the-scenes tour. These two-day packages at the Pasfield House generally occur during the week. Though everybody is familiar with the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum, there are more than 10 museums in Springfield.

Springfield Historic Home Package

Leone was an early leader in putting together organized packages for viewing Springfield’s Historic Homes, which are architecturally diverse and tell a rich story of Springfield. Working with various boards and directors for the houses, Leone has arranged more personal, in-depth insight into the architectural style and history of a home’s former residents. Being an amateur history buff himself, Leone will often accompany a special group to assist with insight and access to these individual facilities.

Frequent Guest Discounts

The Pasfield House will be establishing a policy for those individuals who frequently stay at the Pasfield House, regardless of whether the travel is for business or pleasure. As vacancies allow, the Pasfield House will provide a free one-night’s stay for each 12 nights booked at full rate. Corporations that rotate staff in and out of the capital city may also wish to take advantage of a discount by acquiring a pre-purchase package of multiple night accommodations. These packages, pre-booked and paid in advance, must be in blocks of 12 nights or more.

Long Term Stays

Please contact the Innkeeper for long term stay accommodations. Rates are negotiated separately based on length of stay and location.