Dinner Accommodations

Private Dinner Party

Pasfield House Chef's Table and Bistro Wine Cellar

The Pasfield Kitchen with its Chefs Table is available for more casual dinners for groups of friends as well as couples attending one of our celebrity chef cooking classes. Special gourmet oriented individuals (foodies) can entertain friends and demonstrate their culinary talents or we’ll connect you with the perfect chef. The Pasfield House also makes use of the Chef’s Table for special dinners, food tastings or cooking demonstrations for the individual “foodies”.

The Chef's Table dinning area allows for up to 22 individuals to sit facing the cook presentation. The room can be expanded to 30 if the group of friends doesn’t mind passing plates for an amazing cuisine tasting menu…actually the more informal family style and becomes a fun part of an entertaining evening.

Next to the Chef's Table is a Wine Cellar Bistro, similar to a lounge with small cocktail tables, stools and old church pews adding to the atmosphere of the private underground hang-out. Liquor can be served by a bartender or more casual self serve arrangements.

Chef's Table Event Photos