Dinner Accommodations

Dining with President Lincoln

In full character as President Abraham Lincoln, Springfield’s most famous resident proclaims, “If I returned to Springfield today to visit my Presidential Library and Museum, I would stay at the Pasfield House, because it is Presidential. ” Groups may book dinner reservations and one of two entertaining and educational talks with the 16th President of the United States. Fritz Klein ’s portrayal never waivers from an uncanny realization of being with our most revered President. His historical knowledge about the man who saved the Union; Springfield contemporaries (like George Pasfield); and the men that helped him lead the nation through its most testing time will give you an understanding of the man as if you’ve actually met him.

An old fashion chicken dinner is the usual fare served family style, just like you would expect at a gentleman’s home like George Pasfield who relocated from Paris, Kentucky to Springfield, Illinois. Though records don’t disclose specifics, anyone familiar with Springfield’s past would understand that Abraham Lincoln would have dined with early settler George Pasfield or his son Dr. George Pasfield while still residing in Springfield. Though Lincoln never returned home as United States President, the elegant Pasfield House built by George Pasfield Jr. on the estate of his father and grandfather, would have be most fitting for this respected principled leader. Dining with President Lincoln is like no other Lincoln experience. Advanced notice is necessary to schedule this event and from time to time the Pasfield House will host a Sunday dinner for the public.

Klein and Pasfield House owner Tony Leone are developing a Lincoln Study booklet for people visiting the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum. For those who wish to be challenge during their time in Springfield individuals will learn more about our most respected President.

Relying on the most modern technology, Leone is preparing to offer those who travel to Springfield the ability to travel per say back in time to the Nation’s Capital, back to April of 1865 just shortly after Lincoln’s second inauguration to visit the President in his oval office in the White House. Guest will be able to ask Mr. Lincoln (i.e. Fritz Klein appearing in character) Any question they would ask as a member of the White House Press Corp. Klein speaking from his extensive educational study background will answer keeping completely within the character of the 16th President of the United States. This modern day “Time Machine” is not only educational, but entertaining and even thrilling for the younger set.

Another dinner concept you may reserve is called “Leadership & Lincoln” it portrays Lincoln interacting with dinner guests. Based on the educational book written by Don Phillips Lincoln Leadership, Klein in character as President Lincoln discusses how he was able to work with people that did not like him much and how he developed a keen ability to resolve problems using humor. During dessert, Lincoln opens his talk for questions, answering them while still in character.

The third Lincoln dinner is called “Endearing Lincoln” where Klein discusses Lincoln’s great sense of wit and humor. Klein in character as President Lincoln interacts with dinner guests using his famous wit and humor. He answers questions posed about Springfield’s most famous resident, both as a younger man before and during his Presidency. The evening ends with a few of Lincoln’s favorite songs of the time. Klein is an accomplished singer and guitar player with adds an entertaining musical component to the historical experience.