Dinner Accommodations

Tourist Dinner & Luncheon Menu Options

In booking tourist gatherings, the Pasfield House offers several selections from which to choose. A special menu has been developed for tourist luncheons and tour group dinners offering simply prepared good food that appeals to everyone. Tour groups will be able to select from menu options. Food service is presented in an attractive buffet style. Partial or complete service that is individually plated can be provided at an additional charge.

Possibilities for Pasfield House Historic Homes Private Luncheon Tours

Main Course:
Chicken Salad Croissant, Quiche, Barbequed Pork, Beef or Deli Sandwichs

Side Items:
Garden Salad, Pasta Salad or Soup

Brownie, Slice of Apple Pie or Cream Cake

Hot Dog or Peanut Butter and Jelly, Chips, & Cookies

Or, Make Your Luncheon Historic

The architecture design of the former residence of George Pasfield is a result of his visit to the 1893 Columbian Exposition in Chicago – the greatest of all world's fairs. To commemorate our connection to the Columbian World Exposition, the Pasfield House occasionally serves hot dogs coined Red Hots, from the original family. The "Midway" with its "Ferris Wheel" and "Red Hots" were all words that entered into the American vernacular during the Chicago World's Fair. Midway vendor Samuel Ladany brought his sausage-making skills and special recipe from Austria-Hungary and sold the dogs from a cart. His business grew into the Vienna Sausage Manufacturing Company, which his sons managed for more than 50 years. The family tradition continues today as Red Hot Chicago.