Reception & Meeting Facility

The Pasfield House, a beautifully restored Georgian style mansion just west of the capitol complex, is a popular location for gatherings and receptions. During the Illinois legislative session, gatherings often include top state officials. In recent years receptions have been hosted with Hollywood celebrities, Patty Duke, Bo Derek and Luke Perry. The Food Network filmed a gingerbread house Christmas show at the Pasfield House.

The Pasfield House grandness is the perfect scene for high dollar fundraisers and charitable events. Large contributions however, don't necessarily mean high costs. With its ambiance and lavish food presentations, a host can easily present an attractive image while keeping within a tight budget. Since the Pasfield House surrounds guests with classical architectural detail and decorator furnishings there is no need to decorate. So candidates or not-for–profits can keep costs low and maximize the amount raised for use in the campaign or philanthropic efforts, respectively.

Our Staff often prepares luncheons for bridal showers. For years the Pasfield House has provided couples with elegant memories; from rehearsal dinners to boutique weddings with a gala reception and/or dinner following. Out of town guests often have a ‘return home send off brunch' the day after the wedding festivities.

Whether it's helping organize a celebrity press conference, coordinating arrangements for a successful meeting, raising funds for a worthwhile cause or executing a theme for a gala soiree, Pasfield House Proprietor, Tony Leone uses all his resources to make sure every detail is executed successfully. In fact in his former political career he was always recognized as the go to guy for making events a success. Whether it's corporate entertaining or funding; a special event like a wedding rehearsal dinner or anniversary party, or just a gathering of friends, Leone personally sees to each event making sure it is not only memorable but that guests leave with just the impression that the host wishes to convey.