Reception & Meeting Facility

Policy Concerning Size of Group

The Pasfield House allows clients to utilize all the public rooms on main floor for entertaining purpose. We work with clients to select the best functional room layout based on our experience in adjusting to attendance estimates. Clients can allow their guests to make use of the gathering areas outside: the Front Porch Veranda, English Topiary Garden or Courtyard Fountain Patio. The management does set limitations for the capacity size. Attendance varies according to the type of reception; our experience is valuable to assure a consistent attention to detail and quality of serve is at the highest levels that we always provided to our guests. The following are base estimate on reception attendance capacities during the winter months where there is no opportunity for guests to utilize the outdoors:

Maximum Capacities

State House Constituent Receptions can accommodate attendance from guest invitations up to 300 because most legislators and staff attending do not stay the entire length of the event;

Local and Charitable Receptions (maximum 200) usually do not have all invitees attend or stay the entire length of the event;

Anniversary, Birthday, Wedding, or some similar gathering of friends is characteristically the type of reception where guests (maximum 150) arrive and stay the majority of the event, usually maximum attendance is close to the midpoint of these types of events.

Maximum capacities can be raised modestly in good weather, but it should be noted that glassware, plate ware and even restroom capacities still require similar limits for us to keep providing the highest level of service.

Floor Plan & Grounds

Listed below is the reception floor plans and grounds layout for the event party planning (already depicted on the website). Detailed sketches on typically arrangements for luncheons or dinners within the interior of the Pasfield House, and for the logistics on dinning or cocktail social gathering on the Front Porch Veranda, English Topiary Garden or Courtyard Fountain Patio scheduled at the Pasfield House.

Work Order Form

The Pasfield House will complete a work order request form for each event date the client has requested. To begin the process complete the Preliminary Work Order Form. The Pasfield House will provide a finalized Work Order Form that must be signed by the host or host representative and returned with the requested amount of deposit in order for permanently holding the date/time of the event. By signing the work order request, the host representative represents that he/she has the authority to execute this document and the agreements and covenants contained herein. In either case, the event host assumes all liability for any losses, damages, injuries, or claims there of arising to the guests, event host or property thereof, as well as to any bystanders or off premises persons claiming consequent injury or damages arising out of the event. The event host shall protect, defend and indemnify and hold harmless, at its costs, the Pasfield House, its agents and employees.

Event Charges

Serving policies will dictate how many bartenders and wait staff will be required for a particular event. The Pasfield House charges a hundred dollars per server for any event and also charges a setup and/or cleanup charges for large groups, but these fees are usually waved for gatherings of 50 or less.

Replacement fee charges of a dollar per person may be required for plate ware, flatware, and glassware. A charge of 50 cents and five dollars respectively is required for the laundering and replacement of napkins and table linens. Amenities available for presentations like Audio/Visual Equipment, Sound System, Microphones, Flip Charts, Podiums, High Speed Internet Access, Projector Screen, Television, and Easels are provided free of charge when food service is provided.

All charges relating to an individual booking are to be paid prior to the beginning of the event, excepting incidental charges which shall be paid prior to the departure of the host representative from the event. Any extension of paying for any part of the event activities may result in a late fee up to 10% of the balance due.

Food Service & Incidental Adjustments Policy

Any additions or reductions or significant changes in attendance, food items or preparation within a week of the booked event may consequently require a catering & incidental adjustment fee that would be charged beyond the food quantity adjustments (increase/s or decrease/s) accordingly.