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Business Event Planning

There are typically three types of business related gatherings: those which entertain customers/clients; those for the purpose of entertaining staff or sales organizations; and ones that simply recognize hardworking staff. Once you determine which type of event you wish to hold, ask yourself what type of atmosphere you want to achieve. Some business events are festive, others can be competitive, inspirational, or team building. When entertaining visitors, my advise is to keep it light, don’t make them sit through a presentation unless it is disclosed up front and has a separate time element that allows your guests to comfortably side step the lecture/press conference if they wish.

The first key decision to consider is your budget. Will there be a theme appropriate for your guests and pocket book. If your name is on the line, do it right. That doesn’t mean your gathering has to be elegant, just make sure the atmosphere you wish to establish carried through for the entire event. Make each event memorable; something your guest would remember and be pleased that they took their time to attend.

Client events are probably more restrained than a holiday party for employees. For each event determine if spouses will be included. Including spouses will have a major effect on cost but my personal feeling is that it’s worth doing. Placing your event outside the office where you work gives the gathering a more special stamp, be it business or informal. Outdoor informal events can be very nice if the weather and mosquitoes cooperate but make sure you’ve got a backup place to go. Entertainment is nice. A jazz trio, string quartet or an acoustical guitarist adds so much without breaking the bank, plus you get a built in microphone and speaker to use when you make your thank everyone for coming speech.

The Pasfield House is conveniently located just west of the state capitol complex and adjacent to the visitor’s center and is often utilized for lobbying presentations or press conferences. It is the perfect place for holding private meetings or exclusive gatherings, uninterrupted surroundings helping those gathered focus on the discussion issues or, if necessary, develop a solution.

Meeting Planners

There is a new place in Springfield to hold an executive business meeting. The Pasfield House is ready to share the elegance of an earlier era to facilitate your event in a beautiful and comfortable setting. The Pasfield House has received several awards for its restoration and is the recipient of the Best of Springfield Award for renovation of a historic building.

The Pasfield House is conveniently located just west of the state capitol complex and adjacent to the visitor’s center. It is the perfect place for holding private meetings or exclusive gatherings. When the Legislature is convened at the State Capitol, lobbyists and legislators often gather at the Pasfield House for legislative presentations, private dinners and gala receptions. The large conference room with presentation screens and adequate seating can help facilitate your message. The Pasfield family history is heaped in Springfield history including friendships with Springfield’s most famous resident, Abraham Lincoln. The first 100 years of Springfield saw one followed by another of the three generations of George Pasfields instrumental in changing Springfield from an early settlement to a prominent state capitol.

I invite you to read a little more about the Pasfield’s House, “Hospitality in a Grandeur Way”. Please contact me for a personal tour and allow me to assist you in making your next executive business meeting a success.