Reception & Meeting Facility

Outdoor Gatherings

The Pasfield House grounds has recieved awards for its beauty. Outdoor informal events can be very nice if the weather cooperate. But if it doesn't, at The Pasfield House you have an indoor backup location for your guests to gather. Wether outside or in, the view of the capital dome is spectacular, especially when it is illuminated at dusk.

The Pasfield House allows guests to make use of several distinct gathering areas outside: the Front Porch Veranda, English Topiary Garden or Courtyard Fountain Patio. Guests utilizing the outdoors raises the over all capacity of an event. Our experience however, is valuable to assure a consistent attention to detail and quality of service at the highest levels. Depending on what type of event you let us advise you what is the best comfort level for attendance. After all we want assure your guests experience the hospitality that is expected at the Pasfield House.

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