History & Architecture

A playlist of 6 videos about the History & Architecture of the Pasfield House.

The Pasfield House is located just west of the current State Capitol Complex and was once part of a 40 acre estate that three generations of George Pasfield had resided on since the early 1840’s. Built by the grandson of one of Springfield’s wealthiest families, the work of artisan craftsman displays an architectural style from bygone era. The Georgian-Revival mansion is an architectural treasure both inside and out.

The City of Springfield designated the Pasfield House as a City Landmark as well as the area surrounding the former residence, as the Pasfield House Historic Area. At the time, Tony Leone, stated that “the designation is a fitting tribute not only to the Pasfields’ contributions to Springfield but brings attention to a family that made Springfield a better place…shouldn’t we all make Springfield a better place to be.” For the last several years Leone has been often recognized for the restoration: 1) commended by the Illinois General Assembly as being a catalyst for reinvestment in the once declining neighborhood near State Capitol, 2) named “A City Showplace” by the State Journal-Register, and 3) recognized by the Illinois Times in 2003 as the “The Best Rehab of a Historic Building or Residence.” Leone hopes, “public awareness of renovation projects like the Pasfield House should encourage others to take on their own rehabilitation campaigns.”

The Pasfield House, one of Springfield’s most distinctive, privately owned historic structure has received several awards for its renovation and recognition for its interior design and even its landscaped gardens. A well known local appraiser stated recently after the work was completed “The house has been restored to a standard by which every Springfield renovation project will be judged in the future.”