History & Architecture

Illinois State Capitol Building Chronology

1818 First General Assembly Meets Kaskaskia
1820 Capitol moves from Kaskaskia to Vandalia
1823 First capitol in Vandalia burns, replaced for $15,000
1836 Capitol in Vandalia renovated with $16,000 expended
1837 Legislature votes to move to Springfield
1839 Legislature first convenes in Springfield church buildings
1853 Fifth capitol Completed, $260,000
1857 Governor’s Executive Mansion completed
1865 Mather Property, located southwest of the fifth state capitol, site of Lincoln Tomb
1868 Cornerstone laid for sixth capitol
1877 First legislative session in capitol
1888 Capitol building complete
1902-1903 Armory Building (State Arsenal Building) constructed
1903 Illinois State Museum moved from capitol
1905-1908 Supreme Court Building constructed
1915 Centennial Commission formed
1915 $140,000 allocated for power plant
1918 Stephen A. Douglas Statue unveiled
1918 Centennial Building construction begins
1921 Richard Yates Statue unveiled
1921 Centennial Building landscaping and furnishing-$914,500
1922 Springfield Life Insurance Company Building obtained by state
1923 Centennial Building completed
1929 $700,000 appropriated for Centennial Building Annex
1930 Centennial Building Annex constructed
1936 Archives Building construction begins
1939 Demolition of building east side of Spring Street
1939 $65,000 appropriated for tunnel, balustrade, and terrace construction work
1940 Sundial unveiled
1947 Plans for new buildings in capitol complex dropped
1948 Spanish American War Memorial unveiled
1955 State Office Building (Stratton Building) constructed
1961-1962 Museum Building constructed
1966 Centennial Building addition constructed
1966 Proud Rave Totem Pole Replica unveiled
1970 $20,000 for demolition of buildings on College, Monroe, First, and Adams Streets
1972 Attorney General Building constructed
1975 Everett McKinley Dirksen statue constructed
1985 Illinois Special Mosaic unveiled
1989 Martin Luther King statue unveiled in original location
1990 State Library constructed
1990 Illinois Police Officers Memorial unveiled
1992 Illinois Workers Memorial unveiled
1993 Martin Luther King Statue moved to present location
1999 Firefighters Memorial unveiled
2001 Plans advance for proposed Police Building location north of capitol
2001 Proposals for new State Museum in south half of Stratton Building parking lot
2001 Renovation of Waterways Building; appropriation: $4,000,000