History & Architecture

East Side of the Pasfield House

East Side of the Pasfield House

The east side of the Pasfield House has been changed to give the house a more dramatic presence from Pasfield Street. The east potico gives the Pasfield House the opportunity for the address change (formerly 404 West Jackson) to a new postal address of 525 and 535 South Pasfield Street. Though the business entrance that resulted is not actually facing Pasfield Street it draws attention away from the historic entrance off of Jackson.

Original Front
A large portico was created at the middle point of the east side of the house replacing two windows that existed on the first floor exterior. The house now opens out to the portico through eight foot tall French doors that have side lights transoms. This allows for a maximum view of the Capitol Building which is due west.

The roof of the east portico is held up by two pillars of the same dimensions as those at the front of the house. The architectural detail of the portico is also the same as the front porch and the elevation is at the same height as the front porch, giving it an original appearance. The landscaping on the east side of the house allows the house to reflect being positioned on the lot at an angle. A blue stone patio and walkway surrounds the dramatic stair steps connected to the portico. Made of limestone, the steps exit to an English garden that appears to wrap around the deck of the east portico.

The only other changes to the east side of the Pasfield House structural changes were replacing the coal shute on the northeast corner with a small basement window and filling in an original window well in the Southeast corner of the structure allowing for the future placement of a cornerstone.