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North Front of the Pasfield House

North Front of the Pasfield House

The Pasfield House is a rectangular cube approximately fifty foot across and forty feet depth. The north facade has a central projecting bay. A hip roof is accented with a pediment gable on the central projecting bay. A full-width six column single story covered porch spans the facade. The porch roof originally had an ornate balustrade which was probably removed at the time the house was sided. The railings that rap around the porch were repaired along with a distinctive lattice configuration that repeats beneath the railing below the porch floor fascia board.

Original Front
The hundred years of weathering required an extensive rehabilitation to the front porch, which included the underlying structural support. Currently the six pillars holding up the porch roof have Doric Capitals. In early photographs the wooden pillars had Ionic Capitals, probably made of plaster which deteriorated sometime before the most recent owner took possession. The pillar bases at both ends of the porch had also deteriorated with wood rot and were replaced with fiberglass columns of exactly the same dimension. Replacing these two severely damaged columns with fiberglass allowed rehabilitation to occur with more permanent materials without changing the appearance.

When built the Pasfield House front had matching palladian windows in the center of the upper story flanked by a pair of oval windows This classical architectural detail was subsequently replaced with the five over five individual paned stylized windows which is repeated completely around the second story of the house. The windows which were installed to replace the palladiam windows were original windows taken from the rear of the house. These two windows were themselves replaced by constructing exist doors where the windows existed, probably adapted at the time of the conversion.

Limestone steps were installed replacing concrete steps that may have been installed at the time of the apartment conversion. Regardless the brick walls that originally flanked the stairs had been removed earlier. New limestone steps were placed at the porches center off the front door entrance and span the area that formerly encompassed the entire former front steps including the buttressing walls.

Access to the porch (veranda) was limited when the City of Springfield re-zoned the property for commercial use, prohibiting the use of the front entrance of the house. To access the veranda from inside the house all four windows on the porch were converted to French doors. The French doors were custom built to conformed to the same width measurement as the original windows. The French doors were constructed with true divided window pane style as when the house was constructed in 1896.