History & Architecture

1996 Condition & Renovation

In 1896, George Pasfield Jr. (1870-1930) began building a Georgian-Revival Mansion overlooking a large wooded estate where his family had resided since the 1840s. After Pasfield’s death in 1930 the house remained in the family for approximately ten years when it was sold and converted to a nine unit apartment building.

The former residence of George Pasfield Jr. remained an apartment building until it was purchased in 1996 by Tony Leone. Leone converted the house to residential/office units. An effort was made to return the first floor interior to a pre-apartment renovation where practical. Some original walls, however, were removed for entertaining purposes.

In 2004, the City of Springfield designated the area that was once the former Pasfield Estate as the Pasfield House Historic Area. In 2006 Leone began to finalize the conversion of the Pasfield House in order to be operated as an Inn Bed and Breakfast etc.

Beginning in 1996, the Pasfield House underwent a dramatic renovation under the direction of its current owner Tony Leone. The significance of this complete restoration occurring exactly hundred years after construction began was highlighted when a union membership card was discovered. The United Brotherhood of Joiners and Carpenters of America work permit valid for the month of September 1896 was discovered nailed to the framing lumber inside the front north-west parlor wall of the house.

The house was built just off the Pasfield Street entrance drive. At age 26, George Pasfield Jr. had the house built for him and his soon to be wife. The structure was positioned in such a way that looking outside the front windows of his new residence Pasfield could see his childhood home where his father was living and where his grandfather had originally constructed and resided until his death.

For six years the home was examined and reconstructed to be as structurally sound as when it was first occupied. Six years would past before occupancy could re-occur. Though the house still continues to be improved the outside structural changes that have occurred since 1996 are detailed in the following parts.