History & Architecture

Roof, Frame Structure and Basement of the Pasfield House

The hip roof has eight dormers with variations on the south and west roofline. Three original skylights have been recently restored on that part of the flat roof top. Air conditioning units for the individual suites on the second and third are also placed there.

A majority of the clapboard existing on the structure was cover with aluminum siding probably in connection to the apartment conversion. Some of the boards were replaced by the current owner but most remained in good condition because of the coverage by siding for a little over fifty years. At the time the house was sided, the dental molding and brackets along the roof line and the first floor window pediments were removed. The window piedmonts on the porch still remain on top of the windows (now French doors). The wooden brackets and dental moldings were re-milled and attached to the roofline. Both were replicated from the few that highlight the crown pediments at the house front.

When the current owner purchased the Pasfield House one apartment was located in the basement, its sole access a stairwell off the rear porch. The basement floor was in variable condition with some of the concrete floor apparently poured at various levels and times. This resulted in part of the basement floor breaking up or cracking in some areas. The entire floor was replaced with a new pluming layout to accommodate: a commercial kitchen; two separate laboratories; a bar and laundry facility. The floor was lowered during this process to create commercial ceiling height. A stairwell was also constructed from the inside of the house, allowing access for the first time to the basement without going outside.