History & Architecture

South Rear of the Pasfield House

South Rear of the Pasfield House
(adapted to be the main entrance)

The existing south (rear) porch has become a transitional space for what is now the main entrance into the Pasfield House. This business entrance was created because of restrictions to the original front entrance for commercial purposes.

Original South Rear
A new business entrance was created to address the zoning restriction. The south bi-windowed transom porch was transformed into an appropriate entrance for guests. It became a logical new entrance providing the shortest distance for those who are parked in the lot at the rear of the house. A vacant lot west to the house could also accommodate additional parking if necessary. A handicap lift was reinstalled at the west side of the rear porch. Approved by the State of Illinois ADA Compliance Officer, the lift has also been adapted to comply as functionally as possible with the Springfield Elevator Code.

A set of limestone steps, were constructed as the entrance of the existing rear porch. The stairs step onto a brick drive and patio area. The 1901 oversized bricks used in the construction of the drive and patio have a distinctive groove pattern to eliminate standing water while not hampering the ability to walk. The original rear porch had a set of steps accessing along side an outside basement stairwell which was the only entrance into the basement in its first one hundred years. Creating the new entrance at the center of the porch provides for convenient access off the parking lot. With centered electric bi-fold doors, the entrance becomes much more prominent while still blending with the existing porch windows.

The new access point for entering the house was actually cut into the structure to create a direct pathway from the new porch entrance. This customized glass paned door gives an appearance that no longer resembles a rear back door and replaces two former doors that allowed guests to enter each of the duplex apartments that were on the first floor.

The back stair entrance rising directly to the second floor hallway remains as the only other house entrance off the south porch. Inside the house, however, there appears that a landing of three steps above the first floor once existed, allowing access off the rear back stairwell into the former kitchen at the southeast corner on the first floor.