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Capitol Complex Walking Tour

The Pasfield House is developing a program to introduce tourists to the capitol complex, its architecture, with a brief history of how the Illinois capital was relocated to Springfield.

Leone will entertain by discussing the town’s early settlers such as the elder George Pasfield and Elijah Iles who were among the 50 businessmen who pledged to pay for a construction bond if the legislature voted to relocate the State Capitol Building to Springfield. Guests will also hear of the significant efforts of Dr. George Pasfield and George Pasfield Jr. to ensure that Springfield remain the Illinois Capitol.

Pasfield House owner Tony Leone is developing a companion film that features historical preservationist expert Anthony Rubano who annually each July high-lights the architectural detail of the Illinois State Capitol and surrounding buildings in the Capitol Campus. Rubano’ performs his pied piper tours are each summer on behalf of Downtown Springfield Inc.

Beginning next summer Leone also hopes to promote a Capitol Campus Walking Tour over the tourist season from Sunday through Thursday by college students with architectural or history majors. On Sunday evenings, with so many downtown restaurants closed, the Pasfield House hopes to offer its hot dog cart and beverages for snacks.

Leone encourages those interested in touring the capital campus architectural exterior tour to visit both the Old State Capitol and current State Capitol for an interiors tour in the daytime, saying; "Our state capitol buildings best define the city, those visiting Mr. Lincoln's home town should to told, how through him and local backers we became the Illinois' State Capital".