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Customized Group Tours

The Pasfield House is the best place in town for a tour group to have lunch, dinner or tea and be entertained with Springfield History. Our staff will prepare lunch or dinner for your group of 20 to 50 people you about the early development of Springfield. A customized group tour and meal at the historic home is a great start to a rewarding experience here in Springfield.

Proprietor Tony Leone often speaks with groups on early Springfield who is determined to enhance your visit to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum. Leone attempts to put America's most revered President in the context of his home town as he discusses the Pasfield – Lincoln Connection and will personally introduce your group to the story of the Pasfield family and the impact they had on the early development of Springfield, along with their role in making and keeping Springfield the Illinois capital.

During the visit, guests can watch a PBS special on the architectural significance of the Pasfield House. Our staff also will provide you with the latest information on the Springfield Historic Homes and other local sites available for tours.

Leone often provides entertaining talks to both local and tour groups. He talks includes:

Tourist Dinner & Luncheon and High Tea Menu Options

In booking tourist gatherings, the Pasfield House offers several selections from which to choose. A special menu has been developed for tourist luncheons and tour group dinners offering simply prepared good food that appeals to everyone. Tour groups will be able to select from menu options. Food service is presented in an attractive buffet style. Partial or complete service that is individually plated can be provided at an additional charge.

We trust you’ll enjoy the Pasfield House selections. Visitors are known to return home and tell friends about our Gracious Hospitality.

Or, Reminiscent of George Pasfield visit to the 1892 Chicago World’s Fair

The architecture design of the former residence of George Pasfield is a result of his visit to the 1893 Columbian Exposition in Chicago. The "Midway" with its "Ferris Wheel" and "Red Hots" were all words that entered into the American vernacular during the Chicago World's Fair. The greatest of all world's fairs, its architectural beauty created a revival in classical architecture throughout America. To commemorate our connection to the Columbian World Exposition, the Pasfield House occasionally serves hot dogs coined Red Hots, the are made by the original family. Midway vendor Samuel Ladany brought his sausage-making skills and special recipe from Austria-Hungary and sold the dogs from a cart. His business grew into the Vienna Sausage Manufacturing Company, which his sons managed for more than 50 years. The family tradition continues today as Red Hot Chicago. The Pasfield House will serve the hot dogs from an authentic stainless steel Chicago Red-Hot cart, just like you would find on a Midway of today.

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