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The Abraham Lincoln Book Shop, Inc.

Located in Chicago, the book shop serves the needs of collectors and scholars, professional historians and independent writers, dedicated first edition hunters and casual history enthusiasts. Established in 1938 by Ralph Newman, Daniel Weinberg entered into partnership with Newman in 1971 and took sole ownership in 1984. The shop houses what is indisputably the largest selection of books and artifacts on Abraham Lincoln, the Civil War, and the U. S. Presidency.

Weinberg is a top dealer and appraiser of Lincoln and Civil War artifacts, autographs, photography, and art work.

The Abraham Lincoln Book Shop

Tony Leone has now brought this distinctive service to Springfield . In cooperation with Weinberg, Leone has established the historic Pasfield House as an outpost of the Abraham Lincoln Book Shop. Besides dozens of books, guests may peruse videos, photos and statues of the nation’s 16th president.

Leone is happy to meet with guests by appointment to discuss their Lincoln interests. He will confer with Weinberg and will, if necessary, establish a videoconference.

The Abraham Lincoln Book Shop has produced short videos about artifacts from the shop. You will learn about the history of the artifacts from the period and see what is currently available in the shop as well. For those special collectors, Leone will be available, to show these videos at the famed Pasfield House.

The Book Shop specializes in Lincolniana and material related to the Civil War and the U.S. Presidents. Rare books, original autographs, manuscripts, photographs, statuary, and works of art, plus many other treasures, grace the shelves and the walls. In-print books, pamphlets, historic broadsides, authentic cartes de visite and magnificent reproductions of Lincoln and Civil War photographs are available to those who share our love of history. Among the staff are numbered experts in U.S. history, publishing and bookbinding, art history, photographic history, handwriting, and folk art. From time to time Weinberg conducts virtual book signings with noted authors.

Weinberg takes pride in his ability to obtain some of the rarest historic collectibles. The Book Shop’s wide selection of in-print and out-of-print books provides a ready resource for the new student looking to start an American history library with reasonably priced first editions of standard works. At the Abraham Lincoln Book Shop, those developing new collections may find lists of recommended titles on Lincoln, The Essential Lincoln Book Shelf, and on the Presidency, The Essential Presidential History.

Weinberg and the Abraham Lincoln Book Shop occasionally display items at the Pasfield House for limited showings. A rotating collection of Lincoln books, photographs, and memorials are available on site for immediate purchase when that special presentation gift can’t wait.

The collaboration between Weinberg and Leone allows both local and visiting Lincoln buffs in Springfield to experience a collector’s look at Lincoln materials. Come to the Abraham Lincoln Book Shop, Inc. in Chicago or Pasfield House in Springfield to experience these Abraham Lincoln items.

Lincoln Commemorative Coins

During Abraham's Lincoln"s presidential campaigns, gentlemen who were promenent Lincoln supporters often showed support for a candidate by displaying a coin-like medallion, pocket watch fob, from the chain attached to their clothing. Two such campaign emblems:

The Lincoln 1860 presidential campaign piece displays Abraham Lincoln and Hannibal Hamlin with daguerreotype photos placed within a copper ring. The ring has raised letters of the first and last name of the canidates appearing on opposite sides, with a tiny whole where the medallon could be attached to the watch chain. Lincoln is clean shaven as he was during the first campaign. The year 1860 appears at the bottom of the copper ring that encircles the metal platted photograph.

The Lincoln 1864 presidential campaign produced a solid copper coin medalian which is exactly the same size as a penny produced by the US Mint. Side views of a breaded President Lincoln running for reelection appears on one side and his Vice Persidential running mate Andrew Johnson apprears on the other side. The coin is a raised engraving, each side depicts the office being sought at the top and the name of the candidate accross the bottom respectivly. A hole appears to have been punched through the coin for a watch fob.

The third Lincoln medallon coin depicts President Lincoln with the Union Shield with the word "Our" above and "Union" below on the reverse side. The raised engraving depicts a breaded Lincoln image surrounded by 13 stars. Beneath the Presidental Lincoln image is the date 1865, the year of his reelection campaign.

The U. S. Treasury minted a Lincoln half-dollar to commemoration of the 1818 admission of Illinois as the 21st state in the Union. The coin depicts a young Abraham Lincoln with the reverse showing the Great Seal of the State of Illinois. George Pasfield Jr was appointed to the Illinois Centenial Commission who coordinated the Illinois celebrations. With the U S Mint issuing the coins, the State of Illinois and the people of Springfield must have felt exectionally blessed with the coin depecting a younger Lincoln living in Illinois, unlike the falmilar one cent piece that depicts him as President.

The Lincoln half-dollar appear to be a precursor to the popular commemorative state quarters currently produced by the U.S. Mint. Innkeeper Tony Leone had the honor of serving on the Illinois Commemorative Quarter Commission that selected the design. The Illinois State Quarter uses several images to commemorate the State of Illinois. The outline of our State’s boundaries, the 21 stars depicting with 21st state to enter the union, and its strong images of both rural Illinois and the Chicago skyline all add to the unique Illinois image that appears.

The U.S. Mint’s rules for designing the US Quarter with George Washington on the face prohibited the image of a person’s face on both sides of the coin. Insisting on a Lincoln image to appear on the coin the Illinois Govenor George Ryan depicted Lincoln on the reverse side by choosing an artist’s image that dipected the likeness of a statue located at New Salem state park located near Petersburg, Il. Presented to the state in 1954, it portrays Abraham Lincoln in the sysmbolic act of discarding his axe and taking up his law books. Unlike previous portrait coins celebrating Abraham Lincoln, the Illinois quarter captured his strength as the “rail splitter” as well as his self-taught wisdom with book in hand.