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The Pasfield House is among the sites featured in Springfield’s MASS Pass. MASS, an acronym for “Museums and Sites of Springfield,” It is a 48-page booklet featuring nine museums and 14 other significant locations that both tourists ad locals will find of interest.

Our staff will provide you with a copy during your stay here. It’s loaded with facts and trivia questions pertaining to Illinois history. Of course, a stop at the Pasfield House is a great start to a rewarding experience in Springfield.

The full-color MASS Pass includes hours of operation and descriptions of the 23 sites. Staff of each site along the tour will affix a “passport” stamp to their respective page in your booklet. We hope you’ll find time to visit every site.

The Pasfield House is open for tours Monday through Saturday from 12 p.m. to 1:30 p.m., unless a group has booked the house. Visitors may view a PBS television special about the architectural style of the Pasfield House and learn about the Pasfields’ contributions to Springfield. Please call for holiday hours.

The Pasfields played an enormous role in the rich history of Springfield. Three generations of Pasfields helped develop the city into an industrial capital city offering opportunities for many immigrants coming to America in the mid-1880s to early 1900s.

Pasfield Family Quiz

Hint: Answers on History & Architecture home page

Try to name which person – George Pasfield, the Elder, the Doctor or Junior – who accomplished these tasks: