Wedding Activities

Planning a Shower

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Gift Showers are the traditional way to celebrate an event…whether it is a wedding or an addition to your family. The Pasfield House is well known for taking a special family event and making it a cherished memory. Our experienced professionals listen attentively to all your wishes. We will help you select the perfect menu for your shower. Your friends will enjoy the party planning too and will immediately appreciate that choosing the Pasfield House was the right decision.

Unlike almost anywhere else, our private setting is an intimate place for good friends to gather and share good wishes. The Pasfield House becomes your own space uninterrupted by public access. Your guests’ laughter will float throughout the elegant historical setting. The home’s architectural detail makes every photograph a cherished memory. Smiles will be reflected in sparkling table service. After the luncheon, groups often gather by one of our fireplaces for the gift presentation.

Room Bed
The Pasfield House is a popular venue for a shower, second only perhaps to our rehearsal dinners. Your friends will love gathering at the Pasfield House for a pre-wedding shower, especially if they’re returning for weddings events and for baby showers the Pasfield House is the greatest venue to bring to mind Pasfield House wedding activities. No banquet hall will allow you the opportunity to revisit for a shower.