Wedding Activities

Wedding ceremony beneath staircase reception following

For those boutique wedding ceremonies that are witnessed before a smaller gathering, the Pasfield House provides the perfect setting for your nuptials. The architecturally classic-style Pasfield House lobby, though small in size, makes for one of the several absolutely charming backdrops in and around the house.

The wedding ceremony begins as you descend the stunning central staircase; all eyes will be on the bride. As vows are exchanged, your surroundings will melt into a magical setting that guarantees the perfect day and, of course, that fairytale photograph.

Lobby seating is limited, but the intimate gathering is usually dedicated to immediate family members with the more senior persons sitting and the younger adults standing surrounding those up front. This arrangement is perfectly suited for smaller groups that might look lost in a large room or outdoor gathering.

Couples who have chosen the Pasfield House’s opulent lobby love the intimacy. In order to choose this spot, we’ve had couples choose to have a small wedding ceremony before immediate family members and then invited extended family and friends to attend an evening reception later. The newly married couples enjoy being able to greet their guests arriving at the reception. The feedback we’ve received for this arrangement has been very positive.

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