Wedding Activities

Wedding ceremony on front porch veranda

The architecturally detailed historic entrance of the Pasfield House provides a covered shaded backdrop for those smaller outside weddings. Guests can stand or be seated on both sides of the large front porch veranda. The Pasfield House’s architecturally detailed front porch veranda projects a sense of historic elegance. The face of the grand structure becomes a beautiful backdrop for fond memories of that special day.

After the ceremony guest can enter through French doors on either side of the veranda. The stateliness continues within, everything will be in place for the wedding reception and/or dinner to begin. The newly wedded couple often stands at the bottom of the staircase, which puts them in a perfect position to greet guests. It’s an impressive image for family and friends who enter into the elegant house through the grand lobby.

This wedding format style allows for one of the larger Pasfield House wedding gatherings. We like to limit are largest wedding receptions to no more than 100 total guests, which allows us to offer exemplary service for that special occasion. A sit-down wedding dinner following the ceremony limits the guest count to 50 or less. Details are what set the Pasfield House apart; we emphasize quality and never forgo it for quantity.

Inside and out, our House and grounds reflect history, preserved in a private club-like atmosphere. At the Pasfield House guests feel as if it was their private home. No interruptions from other activities on-site. The Pasfield House can be yours for the day or even the entire celebration weekend.

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