“It’s something that I absolutely love, 
throwing parties and being a hostess.”

Molly Frey

The Pasfield House


Molly Frey moved to Springfield in 2009 and fell in love with the charm of the downtown area and later, with The Pasfield House. Molly has followed in her family’s footsteps by becoming the owner of The Pasfield House in 2022.

The Pasfield House Team:

Agent of Chaos: Ralph Shank
Chaos Assistant: CJ Stucki
Chaos Saucier: Chef Chris Orrick
Chaos Concierge: Drew Tavernor
Chaos Custodian: Kelsey Haynes
Chaos Cuddler: Kielbasa the Cat
The Pasfield House
The Pasfield House

The History

Construction on The Pasfield House began in 1896, located at the entrance to the Pasfield family estate, originally purchased in the 1840s. The house was built in a Classical Revival style popular after the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago. The house exemplifies the symmetrical elegance of Georgian design, and was the product of an architect.

After George Pasfield Jr.'s death in 1930, the house was sold by the family and divided into apartments. In the 1990s, local businessman Tony Leone purchased the house and rehabilitated the property to a standard that led to its designation as a Springfield city landmark. After its doors closed in 2020 and following the death of Tony Leone, The Pasfield House was purchased by Molly Frey in 2022 and remodeled to allow for an event space and boutique hotel.
The Pasfield House

Boutique Vibes in Downtown Historic Springfield

The Pasfield House will roll out a unique red carpet treatment with serene indoor or outdoor surroundings while you sit back and enjoy the full personalized experience of your event.
The Pasfield House
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