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Bride and bridesmaids hold Kielbasa at The Pasfield House


I say yes to weddings with a bunch of people who pick me up and give me lots of love!  😻 My name is Kielbasa Starchibald Cheese Pasfield. I'm that fancy orange cat you see around The Pasfield House. This is my first blog post, so bear with me as I settle into my writing journey about the beautiful events and weddings we have here!  If you're looking to have your own wedding or event at The Pasfield House, fill out our Event Request Form to get started!
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If you're following The Pasfield House Facebook and Instagram, you may  have seen us share some of the photos that Almalee Photography and Adam Sprouse Photography took for the Aly and Spencer Trimble Wedding. You can just feel how much they love each other and what a beautiful day we had with them.

Aly and Spencer chose The Pasfield House as the place they wanted to share their magical day with friends and family.  Just as sweet at this couple was, all of their wedding party, and attendees were just as wonderful. I got really lucky too, because all the bridesmaids also had cats, so they loved me being a part of the day as they got ready and set up. 

There was a lot of work that went into this one by the wedding party, family and friends. They brought in flowers and decorated everything themselves!  You could see how much everyone loved this couple by all the time and effort they put in!
One of my favorite parts, purrsonaly, was the time I got to spend with everyone as they got ready. The bride and bridesmaids spent a lot of time with me in The Parlor, where they used they put on their makeup and got in their gorgeous dresses. 

Where some weddings can be pretty focused in one area of The Pasfield House, Aly and Spencer really took good advantage of all of the different areas they could spend time in. They were married in the grass in the West Courtyard, took photos in the Gazebo, on the Veranda, in the East Courtyard, and spent time with everyone in the Gilded Room for their reception.

From beginning to end, The Pasfield House bar was HOPPING. I even went in to check it out and say hi to my favorite staff working the event, even though I don't drink fancy drinks or eat fancy food. 
The Pasfield House is the kind of place where good people tend to be drawn to it, and Aly and Spencer were no exception. They were sweet to each other, to their friends and family, to the staff, and most me. 😻 

Great food, great drinks, great company, and great music were they name of the game for this joyful celebration. The day ended with some really fun dancing and laughing. I kind of want them to come back and get married again.

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