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Pardon me. Let me get Google translator going so you can understand what I'm saying. My name is Kielbasa Starchibald Cheese Pasfield. I'm that fancy orange cat you see around The Pasfield House. This is my first blog post, so bear with me as I settle into my writing journey about the beautiful events and weddings we have here!  If you're looking to have your own wedding or event at The Pasfield House, fill out our Event Request Form to get started!
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I don't have my own purrsonal social media accounts, but I'm on The Pasfield House Facebook and Instagram all the time, and I love it when photos from our events start pouring in! Bridget Shaw Photography took photos for the Taylor and Justin Perez Wedding and you can see how much they love each other through her vision!

Taylor and Justin had considered eloping and having a small ceremony for a while, but ended up deciding to have a day with their closest friends and family from all over the country right here at The Pasfield House. And it was magical. I got really lucky,  because Taylor, Justin and everyone with them loved me too, so I got to spend time with them as they got ready and during their ceremony.

The weather, the atmosphere, the vibes, and the people were fantastic.  The florist, Hannah Malone of Peach Moon Floral made Taylor's dreams come true while blowing everyone away with her artistry.  I may have licked a few of the flowers, but nobody seemed to notice. 😻
In the past, I've seen weddings happen on the grass in the West Courtyard, but Taylor and Justin chose to have theirs in the East Courtyard, using the stairs and French doors as a backdrop, and it worked perfectly! I could hang out in the Gazebo and still see everything that was happening. I ran away when everyone made a lot of noise. That must have been when they were announced as Mr. and Mrs. Perez.

I'm not allowed to have any, but at one point I could smell some really good food smells coming from inside, so I went in to check it out.  Everyone was going inside to The Gilded Room where they could all sit, eat, get a drink from The Pasfield House bar, and continue having a great time. There was this cake that was shaped like a heart from Incredibly Delicious and I kind of wanted to try some, but it was on a really tall table that I couldn't get to. 
At one point people started getting out of their chairs a lot more. They went over to the bar for more drinks, and some great music started playing that everyone was dancing and singing to. I overheard that Taylor and Justin put together a lot of music that was special to both of them, and everyone else seemed to like it, too. I have to be careful to not get stepped on, so I don't dance, but it's fun to watch.

Overall, this was an excellent way to start off the wedding season at The Pasfield House.  Everyone was laughing, enjoying themselves, I got a lot of good pets from everyone, and I don't think this day could've been better.

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