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I know I'm letting out a huge secret in doing this, but...cats can write! My name is Kielbasa Starchibald Cheese Pasfield. I'm that fancy orange cat you see around The Pasfield House. This is only my second blog post, so bear with me as I settle into my writing journey about the fantastic events and weddings we have here!  If you're looking to have your own wedding or event at The Pasfield House,  please fill out our Event Request Form to get started!
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I only have one facial expression, so it's difficult for me to tell you HOW HILARIOUS this Stand Up Soirée at The Pasfield House was!! We started off the night in the South Courtyard, where Chef Chris started up the grill and served up some smashburgers with some delicious sides and everyone headed in to see GIMS at the Pasfield House bar for some delicious cocktails. Before the show started, Drew and Ralph set up The Gilded Room for an evening of stand up with Rachel Lindemann, Larry Smith, and Reena Calm. This was our first comedy night, so we were all excited!
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Rachel Lindemann performnig stand up comedy at The Pasfield House
The weather was so nice that we could all hang out outside for food and drinks and then, when it was time for the comedy to start, we could come into The Gilded Room, but leave the French doors open onto the East Courtyard and The Veranda. 

Rachel Lindemann started off the comedy with her special brand of flirty style and confessions that made everyone laugh out loud. Also, it was her BIRTHDAY! Following her was Larry Smith who made it look effortless as he poured out the jokes, many of them about himself. Lastly, our headliner, Reena Calm hit the stage with some quick, witty jokes and puns that spun everyone for a loop as they kept up with her wordsmithing and autobiographical hilarity. I actually ran up on stage at one point because I wanted to hang out with her.
Speaking of hanging out, the whole Pasfield House team got to hang out with the comedians before and after the show and let me tell you, they didn't stop laughing the whole time! If I could laugh I would have too, but I settled for getting all the pets I could, and learning more about everyone. Reena Calm travels the country doing comedy, has been to all 50 states, but is most definitely a Chicago favorite. She also wrote a book called Once A Pun a Time, and signed a copy of it for The Pasfield House.  All around, this was an excellent night with so many laughs, so much fun, good food, drinks, and company.
Reena Calm with The Pasfield House Team

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